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Courtesy of Kai McDaniel

By Kai McDaniel

Staff Reporter

Stage Blacks: A D*sney Channel Original Production is a new-thought play fit for our current age. It is clever, witty, and funny as it deconstructs what one would expect a play to be like. It is everything it claimed it would be: nothing like stereotypical “depressing” and “linear” plays.

On October 29th, Stage Blacks immediately rolled into action, using the bare Large Studio on Pomona’s campus as it’s stage. The brilliancy of the production was that it broke the fourth wall and acknowledged the audience under the disguise of an open rehearsal of Shakespeare’s Othello. Within this framework of an open rehearsal, a new backstage crew member, or a new “bat,” fell in “like” with a fellow crew member, who just so happened to be infatuated with a lesbian actress.

The play did so many things: it took classic story tropes, like girl meets boy, and flipped them; it took traditional conventions of the theatredramatic irony, short time frameand used them in a way that was truly Disney-like; and it even commented on the lack of attention to the arts in schools across the country. The Disney quality to the show was exactly what the play meant to be like, and thus the play was entertaining to watch. Stage Blacks was an indication of the entertaining plays happening on Pomona’s campus and talent of our fellow peers. The cast (Naomi Bosch, Senja Strage, Isabel Semler, Yasmin Adams, Annie Moten, Brooklyn Robinson, Scott Nanda, Christian Romo) and writer (Ian Rafael) deserve a round of applause.

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