What to read?: Pitzer Publications

By Kiana Contreras

 Staff Reporter

“Read me.”

This request echoes in posters around campus and Student Talk emails.

As Pitzer students, however, the reading options are many: 1963, The Otherside, The Peel? How are they all different? Here’s your guide to finding the right publication(s) for your reading pleasure.

The Otherside is a magazine consisting of purely student-created artwork. Whether poems, short stories or photos, the magazine hopes to feature the artistic talents of students with at least two full print issues per year. As “Pitzer college’s only art and literature magazine” (Otherside Magazine blogspot), both fiction and nonfiction pieces are accepted. The only “loose restriction” to submissions is the magazine’s theme for the semester. Spring 2014’s theme is ‘Meta*morphosis’.

 You may have also seen The Otherside’s hand in a social event. Friday’s Alter Ego Party was organized and hosted by the magazine staff. The publication is not limited to its two print issues and is known to sponsor “performances, calendars, zines…and other really great things” (Otherside Magazine blogspot).

 What’s new with The Otherside? In recent years, the magazine has struggled to acquire steady submissions and maintain the luster that it once had. Under new leadership, The Otherside is revamping its pages and “liberating the Otherside more than ever” said staff member, Lala Darling.

1963 is also a Pitzer magazine but very distinct from The Otherside. It was started only last semester and proposes an exciting new model as a student publication. According to Tassos Bareiss , one of the members of 1963’s collective leadership committee, the magazine is designed to “bring the community together by sharing true stories from Pitzer at Pitzer”.

 1963 is unique in its incorporation of faculty, as well as those of Pitzer’s student body. The magazine looks to gain perspective and depth with its inclusion of the faculty’s rich experiences, and fulfill its goal to “reflect Pitzer’s history and present,” said Bareiss.

 Unlike The Otherside, 1963 focuses on nonfiction stories, whether in the form of words, photos or videos, and it does not cover any news or opinion pieces. The fully online publication hopes to progress into a print publication in the near future.

 The Peel, on the other hand, is a news-centered publication. Like The Otherside, new leadership intends to makeover the newspaper and make it better than ever. Co-editor-in-chief Miller Saltzman stated, “The Peel is the new go-to source at the 5C’s for news on campus and a place for anyone to publish their ideas on how to change the world.”

 The Peel also shares a completely online status with 1963 at the moment, and looks to introduce print publications very soon as well. 1963 and The Peel should not be seen as competitors, however, as the two produce very different kinds of information. For world and 5C news, opinions, and quirky articles, go to The Peel. For true autobiographical stories of Pitzer’s own, look to 1963.

Although quite different in their structure and content, the three Pitzer publications do share a few commonalities. For one, they all encourage students to pick up and read the amazing student work presented in these publications. But most importantly, The Otherside, 1963, and The Peel all exhibit the desire to bring out the heart of the Pitzer community and explore its place in the world.

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