US Leads Way with Conversion Therapy Ban

Photo Courtesy of Sujay Singh
Photo Courtesy of Sujay Singh

by Sujay Singh

Staff Reporter   

     Voting rights equality! Marriage Equality! The ability to keep your sanity equality? You’d think that this would be rather intuitive as all the fights for equality have been, but banning conversion therapy, an attempt to treat individuals for homosexuality, has only just become a topic of discussion.

     On April 8 of this year, the White House announced that Obama will now back efforts to ban conversion therapy across the United States of America. It might be asked why this ban would even be effective, as conversion therapy is obviously not a clinically approved ‘treatment to homosexuality.’ But in multiple states across the Unites States, namely in the South, parents often force their teenaged children into a reparative therapy that they believe will cure their child’s homosexuality in a matter of a few weeks. What they don’t understand is the psychological abuse and torture that this puts their kids through, but what does that matter, when Adams and Eves have to be recreated in every household across the nation?

     At the end of the day, we have to be thankful that this bill is finally going to be passed in the United States, but how much longer do we have to wait till the rest of the global community becomes progressive? Countries across Africa still practice and encourage conversion therapy with many African Christians being cited as saying that they’ve seen people who’ve undergone conversion therapy who’ve then gotten married to someone of the opposite gender. What they don’t seem to realize though is that if the alternative for that person is probable death, living a life of misery seems to be the only option they see available to them.

     The hope is that Obama’s action influences them, seeing as US conservatives encourage many of these programs in Africa. Whether or not they’ll always be susceptible to US influence remains a mystery.

     On the bright side, provinces in Canada like Manitoba have passed laws soon after the US, also banning conversion therapy, so hopefully this spillover effect continues and spreads throughout the globe quickly.

     With every head of the hydra that the progressive thinkers of the globe manage to cut off, new ones seem to replace them almost immediately. Let’s hope that the liberal thinkers Pitzer produces can make a change that’s more permanent once and for all.

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