Surviving the “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust”

by Delphine Burns


You’re walking to your class, habitually listening to music or talking to a friend, passing by all the normal features of campus. It’s just another average day. You see the dining hall, the mounds, and maybe wave to a few of your friends. Maybe you’re in a rush trying desperately to be on time to class, or maybe you’re taking your time enjoying the warmth of the pleasant Southern California sunshine. Suddenly, your routine is disturbed. Something alarming and disconcerting catches your eye. It’s a large, blown-up photo of what looks to you like blood and guts. What a delightful way to start the day. You roll your eyes; looks like they’re back again.

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According to, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is a Christian pro-life activist ministry dedicated to educating and activating the youth of America. 

The group’s mission statement asserts, “Any person born after January 22, 1973 is a survivor of the American abortion holocaust.  On this date, the Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion on demand throughout all 50 states.  Since this infamous decision, over 56 million children have been killed all in the name of “choice”.  If you were born after the legalization of abortion in the U.S., we challenge you to consider yourself a survivor of the abortion holocaust.  One third of your generation has been killed by abortion.”

This organization’s persistent presence on the campuses of the 5Cs piques many students’ interest, mainly by being offensive and using graphic images to draw attention to the cause.

Mary Rose, graduate of a Roman Catholic liberal arts school called Thomas Aquinas College, has been an activist for this group for almost three years. When asked why the group utilizes graphic images during their demonstrations, Rose indicated two reasons.

“The first reason we use graphic images is that victims should have a chance to speak, just as with history. As in with victims of the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide, images of victims provide cause. Number two is that a lot of people assume they know everything about abortion and we want to make them think twice.”

Rose indicated that she believes students have inaccurate perceptions of abortion.

“A lot of people I’ve talked to today believe that abortion is necessary even if it is wrong. They also believe that it will save a woman’s life or health. Elective abortion is not a life-saving procedure. I told students to look up the facts.”

The goal of the group is allegedly to encourage high school and college students to “question what they believe about abortion.”

Rose believes that abortion “is wrong because we know from biology that every abortion kills a human being.”

When asked to give the biological explanation by which Rose recognizes abortion as “murder,” she said, “The proof that abortion kills humans is purely logical and scientific. Women are pregnant with their own species, not a different species. They are pregnant with a human.”

In addition to being strongly anti-choice, the group warns against use of birth control.

“You should not use birth control,” Rose said. “It can cause early abortion and is bad for a woman’s health. If you are not ready to raise a child, you should not be having sex. The best prevention is with education about how pregnancy occurs and STDs occur. Sex makes babies. There is always a chance for conception.”

While this notion of abstinence being the ultimate solution is pretty standard for “pro-life” activism groups, another shocking assertion is displayed on their poster boards and informational pamphlets. A large heading appears on both reading “Reproductive Racism.” Yet another shock value is added to the already appalling display.

In this article, written by author Akua Furlow, it is brought to attention that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist. It addresses her beliefs briefly, and proceeds to say that racial discrimination is still present within Planned Parenthood today. Furlow writes, “Racial targeting by birth control providers, Planned Parenthood being the foremost national provider of abortions, has demonstrably resulted in a disproportionate number of minorities attaining abortions.” She then presents percentages of minorities procuring abortions., a political fact-checking website that was once awarded the Pulitzer Prize gave this claim its lowest rating of political accuracy known as, “Pants on Fire.” They explained by saying, “We found no evidence that Sanger advocated, privately or publicly, for anything even resembling the “genocide” of blacks, or that she thought blacks are genetically inferior.” The Washington Post wrote a very similar review on the racism myth regarding Planned Parenthood.

When Rose was reminded that almost any organization in the United States will unfortunately have a few racist people involved, she acknowledged the truth of this statement. She then said, “Planned Parenthood is racist due to examples on YouTube of people calling the organization and asking to abort black babies, combined with locations being in places where minorities live, and the founder Margaret Sanger.”

Another issue brought up in the reproductive rights debate is Feminism.  Across the street from where the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust were located, a group advocating for Feminism, choice and Planned Parenthood made their opinions known as well.

Rose believed the protestors were there because they believe “abortion is necessary for women’s health, and that women must be equal to men. Men should not be the standard.”

When Rose was asked if she self-identified as a Feminist, she paused.

“It depends on the definition of Feminist,” Rose said. “I don’t think I’m a Feminist if that means I think women are better than men.”

After she was supplied the correct definition, that which asserts women are equal to men, she changed her mind, stating, “Yes, I consider myself a Feminist.”

Rose believes that the government passing laws against abortion is much like laws already enforced.

“It’s just like other laws limiting what you can do with your body in regard to harming others,” Rose said. “It’s like the law that we cannot drink and drive, or the law that a man cannot rape a woman.”

While statistical, political, and biological discrepancies can be discovered within this group’s messages, it appears they are not disbanding anytime soon. Now that I’ve taken a look inside their cause and read more about the issues, the most I can do is ignore them and disregard the horrific images they display. If you are interested in their cause and motives, I encourage you to read more and attempt to understand, even though I do not. Although it’s challenging, the best advice I can offer is to step away, and allow them to be ludicrous in their own company. In the wise words of Lennon and McCartney, “let it be.”

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