Student Senate Meeting: Funds Controversy

Courtesy of Terriyonna Smith
Courtesy of Terriyonna Smith

Terriyonna Smith

Staff Reporter

The hot topic of the Student Senate meeting on Sunday November 9, 2014 was the usage of senate funds—where they should go versus where they have been going. Senate entered a heated debate about over-funding Pitzer’s clubs. The biggest question on the table was whether or not Senate should use ninety percent of their allotted funds to fund different clubs students are petitioning. They questioned whether or not the process in which funding is gained was extensive enough for the students and the overlap of clubs. They believe that the students should do a better job researching to see if there are clubs that exist like the ones they wish to start. One student on senate raised the question of where the other ten percent of funds is going, and why shouldn’t Senate spend ninety percent on clubs to enrich the community? Nevertheless, Senate is planning to crack down on the usage of clubs funds. They plan to evaluate where the club money is going, and whether or not the clubs are following the rules. As Senate decides how much money to give to clubs in the Pitzer community, it is more interesting what they will do with the money they save if they don’t fund clubs. Will it start to do more for the voice of the minority community? (For example, first-generation students.) Is there a fund for them to help them get more acquainted with college life, or to help fund their parents visit during family weekend (if necessary)?I wonder how much Senate, or Pitzer’s community in general has thought about these students, and if they have, where the communication or outreach is for them.

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