Seasonal trends in full spring on campus

By Ava Tunnicliffe

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and the bare feet are back out and trotting around campus; it’s finally spring! Of course that also means that we’re transitioning from our winter darks into our summery lights, always a difficult endeavor. So to help you out, here is a little cheat sheet of the biggest trends this spring.


As featured on the runways of everyone from Marc Jacobs to DKNY, black and white monochromatic looks appear to be all the rage this spring/summer. In fact, even Beyonce was seen rocking a black and white ensemble at the Grammys, and we all know if Beyonce’s rocking it then we all should be.

Cut Outs

Claremont girls were definitely way ahead of the pack with this trend. Perhaps it’s because the warm weather practically calls for a little exposed skin, or maybe it’s just because we’re that on top of our fashion games. Cut outs have been seen not only on the catwalk (think Roberto Cavalli and Victoria Beckham) but also on websites popular with the female Pitzer population such as Nasty Gal and ASOS.

Printed pants

Sometimes wearing jeans in this sweltering desert heat just isn’t an option. However, for those of us who don’t want to be bearing all in shorts every single day, the loose printed pant is a great option. I’ve been seeing a lot of lightweight printed pant in stores, so they’ll definitely keep you cool as well as looking stylish! Nothing better than a comfy yet fun pair of pants to keep you trucking through those hours of lectures.

Sports Luxe

Do you hate the fact that your gym clothes aren’t really appropriate for any other event in your daily life? Well fret not because with the new sports luxe trend you can wear your gym clothes, add a few little tweaks, and be absolutely on-trend for this spring/summer. Sports luxe and sportswear-inspired clothing has been on the runway for the past few years, especially made popular by Alexander Wang. Think leather caps, leggings, micromesh, sweatpants and heels, hoodies on top of fancy dresses, jersey everything, and, of course, the much debated sneaker heel. Sports luxe is just making life that one little bit easier.


The 90s are back with a vengeance and Pitzer has once again been ahead of the trend. It’s impossible to go to class without seeing at least three pairs of Doc Martens, five floral dresses, and an uncountable number of flannels. With the comeback of Furbys, boy bands and jelly sandals, there is a chance that we could be back in the 90s for a while.

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  1. Nothing about what guys are wearing?

    Oh, right, almost forgot — guys look, and girls are to be looked at. Guys do, and girls have things done to them.

    Thanks for the reminder, Orange Peel!

    1. This applies to both men and women, it just so happened that the only people who wished to have their photos taken were my female friends.

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