Sagehens vs. Cal Lutheran Football Opener: Hens kickoff season with good sportsmanship

By Alex Flores

The skies were clear, the temperature wasn’t too hot, and you could feel the anticipation for opening kickoff. The Sagehens came out charging with intensity and seemed ready to take on Cal Lutheran this past Saturday. The Sagehens started off a little slow as Cal Lutheran’s defense seemed to be swarming for quite a bit. Cal Lutheran had scored two touchdowns by the end of the first quarter, while the Sagehens remained scoreless. Things began to pick up in the second quarter as the Sagehens had several strong drives downfield, but Cal Lutheran’s defense still came out a little stronger. Cal Lutheran was able to maintain possession for quite some time, leading to a two-yard rushing touchdown. The Sagehens were able to push the ball into the red zone just as time ran out. The scored remained 21-0 as the Sagehens walked into halftime just shy of making it a tighter ball game.
Cal Lutheran was set to receive the ball at the start of the third quarter, but was only able to drive the ball to about the 30-yard line after reception. The first play of the drive resulted in a forced fumble by Pomona-Pitzer’s Vince Morgan  and possession by the Sagehens at the 35-yard line on Lutheran’s side of the field. Things began to pick up for the Sagehens as they found themselves successful with a few short gains off runs and quick passes to Duncan Hussey. Brett Harper was able to push the ball into the end zone off a handoff from about the 8-yard line making the score 21-7. Unfortunately, Cal Lutheran responded immediately with a strong drive downfield from a few pass completions setting themselves up in the red zone. The quarterback was able to make a short touchdown pass towards the corner of the end zone, opening the gap to 28-7. The remainder of the third resulted in strong defensive stops on both sides as the final quarter was approaching.
The first 17 seconds of the fourth began with a twenty-yard touchdown run by #25 of Cal Lutheran making the score 35-7. The Sagehens didn’t respond on their next drive as Alex Bresler’s pass was intercepted at about the 50-yard line. The interception by the Lutheran defense resulted in yet another strong drive downfield into the red zone. Cal Lutheran scored another touchdown off a 15-yard rush making the score 42-7 with nine minutes left in the fourth. The Sagehens responded with great character with a nice 30-yard kickoff return, a couple of runs, and a nice pass downfield for a big gain. The Sagehens progress was great, but it seemed a little too late with only seven minutes remaining. They were able to move the ball completely downfield with a couple more short completions and much needed first downs. Yet again, the Cal Lutheran defense able to swarm Bresler for a couple of sacks and end their drive at about the 40-yard line. Lutheran then took advantage of a muffed punt placing them with possession at the 50-yard line with five minutes remaining. Lutheran at this point was strategically milking the clock as it stood clear that they’d be leaving with a win. They completed a few short runs to waste time as possession was switched to the Sagehens for the last minute-thirty of the game. The Sagehens did not give up and still kept pushing for more gains as time finally expired. A true demonstration of strong character and sportsmanship. The Sagehens look to regroup and turn things around next week in their matchup against Chapman. Kickoff is at 1 pm next Saturday here at home. Come out and show your support!

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