Run Away from that Stress

 by Lianna Johnstone 

Staff Reporter

It’s crunch time and stress levels are on the rise.  Running is a great way to reduce stress and get endorphins. Here are some suggestions for different runs at different difficulty levels.

 Different Running Routes from Pitzer Campus:

Route 1:

Start down Ninth St. and then turn down Claremont Blvd until 1st street.  Then, cross the street and go through the parking lot.  This is the start of the Pacific Electric bike trail that goes down to Rialto.  It is a 21-mile level cement path for wheels and running.  This makes for a nice and easy out-and-back run.

Route 2/3:

Head north towards the mountains up Mills and keep going for about two and a half miles. You will hit the trail head for Thompson Creek trail.  Thompson Creek Trail is a 2.8-mile run at the base of the mountains.  This run is of medium difficulty.  

Mills also will dead-end into the 5-mile Wilderness Trail loop.  This trail is difficult.  The loop is full of rolling hills.

Route 4: 

Claremont Colleges loop.  Exit Pitzer at Ninth St. and Claremont Blvd.  Run north on Claremont Blvd towards the mountains.  Then Take a left at Foothill and run down Foothill until you reach Indian Hill Blvd.  Turn left onto Indian Hill and continue down Indian Hill until First.  Turn left on First and continue running along first until you hit Claremont Blvd.  Turn left again and head north on Claremont Blvd. until you hit 9th.  This is a nice easy loop run that is about 3.5 miles.

Route 5:

Courtesy of Lianna Johnstone

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