Orange Peel celebrates new site (and cake)

By Natasha Turner

Some have called it the biggest party of the year. Drinks were flowing (orange juice), music was blaring (the karaoke machine saw a glimpse of sunlight before promptly re-entering its box), and the orange cake was serving out sugar-induced heart attacks left right and center. After weeks of shamelessly spamming Student-Talk and mailboxes, and putting up posters featuring a disturbed-looking orange, we finally cut the (orange) ribbon revealing the Orange Peel’s shiny new website. In the process I think we also won the award for smallest scissors ever used at a ribbon cutting ceremony. We like to mix things up here at The Orange Peel.

After ‘painting the grove house orange’, as the expression definitely doesn’t go, people began to arrive. Excitedly, I asked one guest, Avery Barron, why she had come. “My roommate’s an editor for the Orange Peel so she guilted me into it”. Oh. Never mind. We soldiered on. Another guest revealed their main intention to be the free cake. Fair enough. The cake was incredible. Despite this the afternoon was extremely pleasant. We had more attendees than we thought (ie not just our friends) and people were interested to hear about the website, chat, and enjoy the sunshine.

Overall, the launch party was a huge success. After all, if you’re reading this then clearly our sub standard promoting has worked and you are appreciating how utterly amazing our new website is. Please continue to read and contribute to the Orange Peel’s website and who knows, maybe this time next year we really will be hosting the biggest party of the year.

Highlight of the event: the cake (did I mention the cake?)

Low point of the event: ex-editor Mike Jones was not in attendance.

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