Childish Gambino’s “STN MTN” Mixtape Review

Traditionally, this sort of breaking-new-ground and trying-new-styles mixtape annoys me, but in the case of Childish Gambino’s October 3rd release: “STN MTN”, there’s some aspect which does quite the opposite. Exploding outside of his norms, sampling everything from a slowed-down…

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Unofficial, heavily biased rankings of 5C dining halls

The unofficial, heavily biased, highly subjective rankings are out. Here are the best nights to eat at 5C dining halls in terms of the 3 main food groups on the 5Cs; pasta, sushi, and tacos. Monday Scripps, because of Tacos.…

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Acceptance at Pitzer is the norm

By Delphine Burns At the age of 10 years old, my mom remarried and I moved with her from the accepting community of Santa Cruz, California to the narrow-minded town of Hays, Kansas. All through high school, I was motivated…

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Pollos Kikiryki, a Kumar’s Kuisine Review

By Kumar Bloomstein In the newly-renovated strip mall sublot on the corner of Arrow and Indian Hill south of the Village is a tasty, affordable chicken joint called Pollos Kikyriki, or Kikiryki Peruvian Chicken. I haven’t a clue how the…

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“The Closed Container” – an inconspicuously intoxicating commentary on the capped life

Staring blankly (drunkenly) and the faint (annoying) glow of my computer I mulled over the nights events. Exactly 6 hours ago I was passed out in exhaustion in bed, excited to maybe do something delightfully nerdy on a saturday night…

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In defense of Pitzer “sluts”, and other slutty 5C stereotypes

By Delphine Burns Arriving as a freshman in August, I initially didn’t explore much outside the Pitzer campus. Slowly, I became familiar with Pitzer customs, norms and traditions. I began to hear students talking about what it means to be…

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