Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

by Lianna Johnstone

Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year again, the semester is drawing to a close and seniors are getting ready to transition out of the Claremont bubble into the real world.  There is not one path, but many that they have chosen to follow.  Here’s a look at what some seniors are doing after they graduate from Pitzer:

Samantha Bromley-Coolidge will be on a Fulbright to Bulgaria for a year and then will persue a PhD in Neuroscience.

Zoey Martin-Lockhart will be on a Fulbright to India to study how the queer/non-straight/non-cis-gender communities and diasporas mutually interact and influence eachother.  She will use various critical and Feminist methods to examine the place and role of “the researcher” and what it means to conduct research generally.  She will seek to understand what it means to be a reasercher in her position (a young college graduate with structural privilidge) reaseraching in the “Global South.”

Nicole Pilar will be on Fulbright to Bulgaria.

Esther Ha will attend culinary school.

Andrea Gochi will be in Pittsburgh at Dusquesne University conducting protein-nucleic acid therapeutic research.  She will also be applying to medical school, and in her year off she will be interning at the USC hospital.

Evan Slovak has applied to law school and is planning on attending UPenn Law.  He is still also considering law school at Berkeley.  He hopes to become an appellate litigator and work on campaign finance and voting rights issues.

Molly Wassel is graduating with a major in psychology and a minor in art history.  After graduation, she will backpack through Asia, and then return to LA to work as a production assistant for a fashion editorial production company.

Emily Kleeman will be moving to Seattle with her boyfriend who got a job with Amazon as a software engineer.  She is currently looking for work as a pastry chef or baker/decorator.

One senior is taking a different approach.  They are focusing on school for now and are waiting until after graduation to job search and graduate school search.  They first plan to move back home and take time to job search this summer then move back to LA for two years to work and wait for their significant other to finish school. 

Congratulations Seniors!  Best wishes on whatever endeavors you all choose to take on!

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