Pitzer students protest in hopes of divesting

By Delphine Burns Upon walking across campus on Friday afternoon, students may have noticed thunderous chanting, bold signs and an enthusiastic protest. Pitzer College students gathered outside West Hall on Oct. 11 to show their support for a campaign called…

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50 miles in celebration of 50 years

By Anna Pleskunas On Saturday, October 5th as part of the on going celebration of Pitzer’s 50th anniversary, a group biked from campus to Seal beach. The Campus to Coast bike ride was approximately 50 miles long and took about…

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Sagehens vs. Cal Lutheran Football Opener: Hens kickoff season with good sportsmanship

By Alex Flores The skies were clear, the temperature wasn’t too hot, and you could feel the anticipation for opening kickoff. The Sagehens came out charging with intensity and seemed ready to take on Cal Lutheran this past Saturday. The…

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MILLERTIME – WARNING: Government shutdown expected Tuesday, Republican bad sportsmanship threatens America

Government Shutdown: “Closed Until Further Notice.” Photo by Kaz Vorpal By Miller Saltzman The United States government will shut down Tuesday, October 1st if a new bill authorizing federal    spending for the next fiscal year is not passed. No Congress…

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5C coalition urges fossil fuel divestment

By Emma French On Monday, Dec. 3, supporters of the Claremont Colleges Divestment Campaign will march through the campuses to spread awareness of their cause. The march will begin at the Frary steps at 5 p.m. and weave through the…

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College Council proposal to decrease student representation stirs up student engagement

By Alyssa Solis At this month’s College Council, students were rallied to attend and protect the sanctity of student representation at Pitzer College. The Faculty Executive Committee put forward a motion to eliminate three student seats from the Campus Life…

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