New Emperors in Town

By Summer Sturtevant and Lily Simon

Sophomore alt/rock/blues Pomona band “The Inland Emperors” played The Boot for the second time in their career Friday, November 2nd at Dom’s Lounge. Band members include Lee Owens-Oas (guitar, vocal),Reece Denzel (drums), Alex Cole (bass, vocal) and Wes Haas (guitar, lead vocals).  Pomona’s fraternity Sigma Tau has hosted semi-weekly parties known to students as “The Boot” in past years, but opened the stage to 5C bands earlier this year. The Boot occurs Friday night at Dom’s Lounge with free food, a keg, and now, live music. The event provides an intimate setting for performers, mainly filled with close friends of the band, but welcomes any music lover willing to dance and try something new on Pomona’s campus.

The set included high energy from lead Haas and bassist Cole, but all members fostered a good connection with the audience. The Inland Emperors were a fun group to watch—as a Sigma Tau member or not.  Their opener immediately impressed a growing audience and drew in a close (and dancing) crowd. Other originals such as “The Limits” and “In Love with a Memory” displayed the band’s true talent as musicians and poets, while their Sublime cover of “All I Got” proved the band to be a diverse crowd-pleaser. It seemed the most popular songs with the audience were the covers of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” which was the band’s encore performance. Despite technical difficulties during the Taylor Swift cover, The Inland Emperors did a noteworthy job of maintaining their composure and kept the song fun by encouraging the audience to take over when various microphones cut out.

The night was successful for Sigma Tau and The Inland Emperors, with good music, laughs, and a great turnout.  Pitzer students are encouraged to attend these live performances, usually promoted through social media outlets or word of mouth. Finding gems like the Inland Emperors performance proves that the 5C’s have budding new artists emerging from their dorm rooms every day. Keep your ears open for more newcomers and show them some love; they—specifically the Inland Emperors—deserve our continued support.

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