Let’s Talk Sports


By Alex Flores

cecilHello my fellow Pitzer Students! My name is Alex Flores and I’ll be doing my best this semester to keep you all up to date with our Pomona-Pitzer Athletics as much as possible. I am currently a junior here at Pitzer and have felt the need to provide people with a little something to read to have an idea of what’s going on with Sagehen sports culture. Taking up this position was quite easy for me since I noticed that I, myself, have not been doing my best to follow and keep up with the athletic talent that we have here on campus. Being that I’m a huge sports fanatic and advocate, I merely saw this as unacceptable, especially this is my own school. Thus striving for a change, I’ve decided that this would be the best way for me to become aware of the rankings and progress of teams here on campus. Each article I will be providing you with will include a general summary of a couple of games, an interview or two, a description of some standout plays or highlights, scores and records ,and just the general status of the team. Anyways, enough with the introduction, let’s talk a little sports.

Since it’s been going on all summer long and anticipation is building surrounding the World Cup, let’s talk a little soccer. Even though it’s been an entire month since the start of the season, the Sagehen Men’s Soccer Team has hit a bit of a bumpy patch with their record, standing at a current 3-7, and 2-4 in their conference. Their greatest victory was 4-0 against Caltech on the 21st of September, but they’ve yet to reach a consecutive game-winning streak. Fortunately, there is plenty of season left to turn around from this minor slump, and start setting eyes on the playoffs, which will be here before you know it. Positive progress came out of this past weekend with a win against Occidental for a final score of 1-0. Harris Levin led the team with the only goal for the day. This was a good win for the Sagehens after two consecutive losses prior. Hopefully we’ll see some momentum in favor of our Sagehens over the course of the next few games.Catch the next soccer game here at home this Wednesday, October 2 at 4:00 p.m. against Chapman. For all you soccer lovers, come out and show your support!

Who can forget about America’s favorite kind of season of the year? Yup, not too hard to guess, but it’s football season! Whether it’s professional or college, high school or pop warner, you’ve got to set your sights on a little football action here and there just to help you reach that inner peace. Since NFL games and NFL Sunday Tickets are ridiculously priced and out of the question, why not take advantage of a great alternative involving your attendance at the weekly home games of the Sagehens. So far, the Sagehens have only played two non-conference games, and have unfortunately come up shy for both. Their first loss was a close one against MIT on the 7th of September with a final score of 28-26. Despite the loss, wide receiver Duncan Hussey still had his day in the sun. He shattered the previous school record of three touchdown receptions by making 11 catches for 145 yards and four touchdowns, three of which were in the fourth quarter. Beyond astounding if you ask me! Due to a couple of penalties, the Sagehens were unable to tie the game within the last two minutes of the game. The Sagehen Football Team’s latest game on the 14th of September sadly resulted in a bit of a one-sided altercation against Menlo, to say the least. The final score was 35-6. Fortunately for the Sagehens, these two games do not count towards their conference record, and a three-week bye/preparation period should have them ready to go against Cal State Lutheran this Saturday, October 5th to start off the official season. Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. at Merritt Field. Come out and give a shout to your Sagehens. It’s time to make these home games a part of your own personal college/NFL game-day regiment.

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