“Join the Club”: Is Pitzer missing any clubs?

By Nancy Hernandez

What clubs are missing?
Tables, creative displays, and wandering people decorated The Mounds a couple of weeks ago at The Pitzer Activities Fair. Representatives of student organizations provided information while also persuading fellow students to sign-up for their clubs. Currently, Pitzer has 54 clubs listed on its website, a wide array that includes clubs such as the Garden Club, Chess Club, and Stitch n’ Bitch. And if that’s not enough, there are even more clubs that students at Pitzer share with students from all of the Claremont Colleges. Just recently, the 5C Turf Dinner & Activities Fair took place at the Mudd Quadrangle, which was another space to showcase clubs and recruit members. There are currently 259 clubs listed on the Claremont Collegiate Link website, ranging from academic to social justice, to cultural. But even with such an extensive range of clubs, are there any clubs that students wish to see on campus? Betty Fink ’17 says she would like a Kitty Appreciations Club, where people can get together to watch funny cat videos and pet cats. If you get enough people to join, you can definitely start your own club at campus! Michael Galathe ’17 says he is in the process of developing a 5c wrestling club in which members teach one another techniques and wrestle non-competitively. If you feel like Pitzer needs a club tailored to your own interests, gather others with the same interests as you and you can also contribute to Pitzer or the greater community of the Claremont Colleges. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing your developed idea at the Pitzer Activities Fair next year!

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