Is the L.A. County Fair dying?

By Nula Lynch and Natasha Turner

Is the L.A. County Fair dying? According to one distressed-looking Police Office, the answer to this question would be yes. “This is definitely not a family-friendly place anymore” says the Officer for anonymity. , “Just look around you,”— we are standing next to a large Toyota Car Sales Tent—“the petting zoo’s been moved, people just leave their kids at the crèche… it’s just another place to drink.” He also mentioned this is the quietest he’s ever seen the fair

With this somewhat dire assessment in mind and our enthusiasm a little dulled, we walked into the fair to see if you we could find any evidence to counter the officer’s assessment.

What we found was a lot of fried goods. “Fried Oreo’s are the most popular” says a girl on one of the many stands. When asked whether she thinks the fair has any value for the community, she shrugged at us over the deep fat fryer and then left to serve another customer a fried Oreo.

Maybe the County fair isn’t as popular as it once was. Maybe it stands as a just another commercial event, but when we visited there was definitely an aura of fun, which is something that’s hard to kill.

What does this mean for Pitzer students? Well if it means a free night of fun, tasty food, and a chance to get off campus for a night, then it’s definitely worth trying to preserve the character of the LA County Fair.

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