HDYPAI’s Response to “Fresh Out of Ideas”

I am a freshmen, and i thought that college would be one constant party like that asher roth song, but so far it’s less fun than i was expecting. while there seems to be a lot to do here, i’m often just homesick, missing my parents, my fiends from high school, and my dog. any tips to make the adjustment easier?


-Fresh Out of Ideas

Dear Fresh Out of Ideas,

College is, as I’m sure you’re finding, much more dynamic than just homework and partying. It is a new realm full of freedom, constant interaction with your peers, and time management. It can certainly be daunting to navigate at first, and the comforts of home can be easily missed. When I was in middle school I was plagued by terrible homesickness, even just for a sleepover and especially at sleep away summer camp. What helped me the most was staying busy and trying to remember that everything would still be the same when I returned home.

Needless to say my transition into college wasn’t the smoothest. I struggled until thanksgiving time, but eventually I did find my niche. The best thing I did for myself was to get involved. I know it sounds obvious, and that’s what everyone tells you to do, but seriously it works. You get to meet people who have common interests with you and you get to be productive. Partying is fun and a great social outlet, but its not always the best way to make lasting friendships. There are so many clubs and organizations to get involved with here, there truly is something for everyone. Be patient, get involved and in no time you’ll be settled in!

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