Humans of Claremont

 by Lianna Johnstone

Staff Reporter/Staff Photographer

            A few years ago, my aunt told me about this guy Brandon on Facebook who posted photos and narratives about people he meets and takes photos of in New York.  I started to follow him on Facebook and as his photos got more popular, I started seeing more pop up on my wall.  I fell in love with looking at the photos and reading the narratives that went along with them, each one telling their own unique story.  The emotion and humanity that Brandon is able to capture through his photos is what I hope to capture within our own community of the Claremont Colleges.    

            Through just a simple conversation and a camera, I hope this project showcases the unique insight and personalities exist at the Claremont Colleges.  I also hope to evoke a unity around common emotions and thoughts that we all may have experienced at one time. 



“What is the story behind your hat?”

“A friend gave it to me and I use it during the three days that it rains”



“Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend?”

“Play a lot of video games and hang out with friends, the usual.”

“I think that I am trying to mix things up this weekend, you know, instead of just going out.  I think I’m going to take one of my friends who is kind of going through something right now off campus.”



“Apparently the goal for the class is just to do a thing that may or may not work”

“Hopefully it will at least have a working maze that you can go through”

“It may not be pretty”

“And the obstacles may not be very good.  I still think we should resort to having a pop up mind sweeper.”



“What’s the one where they go through the little bumps?”

“Moguls, skiing?”

Claremont McKenna


“What do you do now?”

“I’m Anne Kaplan and I graduated from Claremont McKenna in 2003 and I am here for a women in leadership forum.  So just talking about what I do now.  I’m a consultant and I work mostly with high tech companies so I’m here just to tell current students what it is like working in the field and to answer questions.”

All photos courtesy of Lianna Johnstone.

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