Humans of Claremont

 by Lianna Johnstone

Staff Reporter/Staff Photographer



“Sexy vegetables”



“I’m a linguistics major.  It is easy to talk to people about because they usually know it but they just don’t recognize it…  You can usually tell when an ‘r’ will show up syllables ahead.”

Harvey Mudd


“You can pretend to help me.”



 “I can totally see your boyfriend riding side-saddle behind you on your moped.”

“The weight limit is 200 pounds and I am halfway there at least.  I could fit a dog.  A dog boyfriend.”

Claremont McKenna 


“Did you have a favorite childhood stuffed animal?”

“I had a blankey and left it in a hotel.  I got it back 2 days later.”

“I had a doll called MeiMei-jiějiě, little-big-sister in Chinese. I never let it be washed.  One day when I was napping, I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw its butt floating around in the washing machine.”

All photos courtesy of Lianna Johnstone

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