“Grooveberries” music blog caters to 5Cs

by Kiana Contreras

Staff Reporter

photo courtesy of grooveberries.tumblr.com
photo courtesy of grooveberries.tumblr.com




Maybe you took advantage of the Valentine’s Day playlist advertised on Student Talk, but for those who didn’t get the chance, here’s a look into music’s latest at the 5Cs.


Pitzer freshman Lucas Ayenew and a few friends started the Grooveberries music blog earlier this year. The goal was simple: create a space to share new discoveries and join in each other’s musical enthusiasm. The site has now grown to incorporate 7 different bloggers, students at Claremont Mckenna and Pitzer, each with their own mysterious alias. Everyday of the week, you can find a new song to enjoy, courtesy of Señor Coconut, MaryJane, Nazareth, nomade, Indigo, meursault, or Bear.


 The genre? There isn’t one.


The only rule, says Ayenew, is to post “uplifting, life-affirming music that promotes positive emotions”.


He wants Grooveberries to give listeners “music that makes you want to do things…dance, be excited, appreciate your life”.


This structure, or lack thereof, allows each blogger to develop a distinct style with almost no limitations. Find a favorite DJ? On the Grooveberries website, grooveberries.tumblr.com, click the drop down menu in the upper left corner and follow your favorite blogger individually.


 The blog also functions as an artistic outlet for the posters themselves. Being able to share meaningful music with a supportive and open-minded community is crucial to the Grooveberries creators.


 Apart from a new song to brighten each and every day, Grooveberries plans to post themed playlists around holidays and special events. Look for the upcoming Spring Break playlist for your vacation jams.


 Grooveberries is looking to expand its listening and posting members to all of the Claremont Colleges.

If you are a Pomona, Scripps, or Harvey Mudd student interested in joining the Grooveberries Collective, contact Lucas Ayenew at layenew@students.pitzer.edu.

 To get your Grooveberries on, visit the blog on grooveberries.tumblr.org.

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