Foam party shut down early

By Hallory Sindelar

Foam, the infamous annual party at Harvey Mudd College, was shut down 90 minutes early on Saturday, Sept. 22, due to uncontrollable crowds, rowdy partygoers, and the unexpected attendance of over 1,000 students. According to HMC sophomore Arthur Chi, one of the event’s eight planners, Foam started off as usual but quickly turned into a “mob.”

“People began rushing the fences,” Chi said. “They shut the music down so that people would calm down.”

Chi said the capacity for the party was capped at 1,000 but students tried everything to get inside, including climbing over fences, through windows, and ascending to the second story. Pitzer junior Aidan Lukomnik compared the party to last year’s where someone set off a fire extinguisher. Lukomnik said it was “just, like, ridiculous. I was excited for it but also thought about how gross and nasty it would be.”

Pitzer senior Tianna Kong and her friends did not make it into the party. “We left Pitzer at around 11:20[pm] and got to foam around 11:30, but by the time we got there it was completely deserted and it was basically only [Campus Security] there so we left,” Kong said. “I was really excited for it because it was our last foam…I was so disappointed.”

The partygoers were upset, but the blow hit home for the event’s planners. The committee had hoped to avoid an incident by paying almost $1,000 for extra security. “CampSec even told us that our security measures were exceeding the expectations, but no one anticipated that the party would be so big,” Chi said.

The party planners blamed a small handful of students for the early shutdown of this year’s event. “I believe if everyone was patient in line [at the entrance ], we would not need to shut down the party,” Chi said. “[It was] the actions of a few, possibly intoxicated, rowdy individuals that ruined the party for all of us.”

The notorious party is hosted by Harvey Mudd College each fall. The music is supplied by Mixed Reactions and the foam, which fills the North Dorm quad, is supplied by Foamalicious. Each year, Foam is planned and executed by eight North Dorm residents who work throughout the summer and spend more than $6,000 planning the ultimate party. Most of the funding comes from Mudd’s social budget, but the other colleges contribute as well.

While not all students want to get sudsy with 999 of their closest friends, there is a lot of hype surrounding the event each year. According to Chi, Foam is likely to return next year but with less publicity. “I guess we over publicized the event and made sure everyone knew about it,” he said.

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