Fashion and Style at Pitzer

 by Frankie Clarke

Contributing Writer

Courtesy of Frankie Clarke
Courtesy of Frankie Clarke

As we know, there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the 5Cs, but more specifically there are physical stereotypes as well. Some students across the 5Cs may even participate in a game in which you try to spot the Pitzer student or the “Mudder”, etc. Most of us have been acquainted with the stereotype that Pitzer students are “hippies” or “hipsters”, but how do we Pitzer students define Pitzer style?  

 I asked a few of my fellow Pitzer friends how they would describe our style.

Pitzer sophomore Allisyn Ruttle said,“I feel like Pitzer students are really resourceful. We like to share clothes with each other and shop at the goodwill, and other thrift stores, and even make our own clothes.”

Being resourceful is present in many activities and aspects in the Pitzer community, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many Pitzer students choose to use recycled clothes, and make their own.

 Pitzer sophomore Jael Berger said, “We have a very eclectic sense of style. A person’s style reflects who they are, their personality, etc. Pitzer is filled with so many unique individuals, so that definitely manifests in what we wear.”

All in all, we can’t really put a stereotype on our style. Style is about expressing yourself, and each and every one of us has our own style. A lot of people have the preconceived notion that fashion refers to following trends; however, I really believe that fashion is about expressing yourself and being comfortable with being yourself. I’m thinking freedom of expression may be one of our biggest assets to the Pitzer community’s sense of “fashion”. 

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