Dining Hall Hacks

10 Creative Combinations made at McConnell

 By Kiana Contreras

Staff Reporter 

1. Smear peanut butter on an apple and sprinkle granola on top for a healthy snack anytime of the day!



2. Dust cinnamon sugar on buttered toast (or a bagel, if you’re feeling adventurous) for a sweet morning treat!

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google


3. Spice up your usual lunch salad with grilled chicken from The Grill, pesto from the sandwich bar, and sliced green apples.



4. Tired of the same old Taco Tuesday? Check out the meat in the Main Plate line and create a new tasty taco, like the roasted chicken pictured here!



5. Weekend Wrap! Grab a tortilla, chop up some chicken tenders from The Grill, add spinach, tomatoes, and drizzle with ranch.



6. This is a must-try! Spread cream cheese on toasted banana bread for an exciting new dessert!



7. Dress up Greek yogurt with peanut butter (or almond butter), granola, raisins (or cranberries, or both) and a little honey. You’ve got a gourmet snack!



8. Thursday night ice cream means decadent cookie sandwiches! Experiment with different flavor cookies on either side of the ice cream.



9.Are you a fan of the Dirty Chai? Don’t spend all your Flex at the Pit-Stop! Pour an espresso shot (or two, or three) into some iced chai from the dispenser. Add ice after mixing if you prefer your Dirty Chai chilled.



10.  Thursday is a good day for dessert. If you’re not feeling #8, try this one instead. Drop some M&Ms into the batter before closing the waffle iron. Top your rainbow waffle with your favorite ice cream flavor and enjoy the melted deliciousness.

Courtesy of Kiana
Courtesy of Kiana


Thanks to everyone who contributed a recipe! Eat on!



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