Big Things Happening at the Pitzer College Student Senate


Courtesy of Terriyonna Smith
Courtesy of Terriyonna Smith

Miller Saltzman


  • At College Council on November 20, the faculty voted to give a quarter credit each year to Pitzer student athletes for participating in Pitzer-Pomona Athletics. The motion passed with 18 yay votes, 3 nay votes, and 12 abstentions. One of the faculty members who voted against the proposal was Political Studies Professor William Barndt. “I have enormous respect for student athletes,” he said. “Academic credit is a diminishing form of respect. I think we owe our students more than that.” When asked what we should do instead he said, “I think student athletes should have more support from the whole community. We should do this because athletics are really important to the liberal arts.”
  • Pitzer Student Senate approved a hunting club called the Hunting Cooperative. Many students say that this kind of club is against Pitzer’s values.
  • The Aesthetics Committee excitedly announced that there will be new art projects going up soon around campus.
  • At the senate meeting there was an important discussion about club funding and the budget crisis that Senate is currently experiencing. Senate Chair Bailey Masullo gave a presentation showing that $12,700 was going towards inactive clubs. She said that Pitzer Student Senate may learn something from how Scripps and Harvey Mudd accept clubs and allocate their budget.
  • According to Vice President of Student Affairs Brian Carlisle, “The Senate budget is in a state of crisis.” Senate needs to start saying no to clubs and have a formula on how they give funding so they don’t have this problem again. Maybe it means approving fewer clubs, and maybe it means cutting the budget of existing clubs.
  • 51-R-2, authored by Senator Chance Kawar, and Secretary Josue Pasillas, which would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, passed unanimously.
  • 51-R-3, authored by Senators Kyle Dalrymple, Ari Saperstein, Claire Bacon, and Treasurer Will Thorson, was passed. This will grant campus safety live feed to our CCTV security cameras and will only be used for catching criminal activity. It also requests that security cameras be placed at the entrance of residence halls.
  • 51-R-4, authored by Molly Hickey, was passed. This will cap the spring student organization budget allocations at 70% of the estimated budget and limit the time period for club allocations.
  • 51-R-5, authored by Senator Anna Leopold, and Belmont Pinger, was also passed. It supports three policies: a policy that would mandate Pitzer to fully disclose the annual wage earnings of all of its employees by position, department, race, gender, and years employed, a policy that will mandate the college to fully disclose the results to the recent climate survey and all anonymous staff surveys to come in the future, and a policy that would mandate the college to disclose monthly all subcontracted workers by position, department, race, gender, and years employed.
  • 51-B-3, authored by Tresurer Will Thorson, was passed. This bill will transfer $17,000 from the Senate Reserve Fund to the Senate Budgetary Committee. The Senate Budgetary Committee’s function is to give clubs money. Currently it doesn’t have the funding it needs to give adequate money to each club. The Senate Reserve Fund is a compilation of student activities fees that have gone unused in previous years. Its approximate balance at the beginning of the year was roughly $60,000. So far Senate has approved the withdrawal of $11,000 before this bill was passed.
  • A diverse committee of Pitzer community members is looking into the nudity policy at Pitzer and the effect a potential change in policy would have on the college. The committee is made up of new resources student Ruth Karpinski, Director of Study Abroad and International Program Services Jamie Francis, Residence Director Bruce Aquino, Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life Drew Herbert, Political Studies and Chicano Studies Professor Adrian Pantoja, and sophomore Anna Leopold.
  • Finally, there was a resolution in Appreciation of Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Angel Perez for his outstanding contributions to the college and its students. He is moving to the east coast where he will serve as Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success at Trinity College.

There are a lot of important things happening at Student Senate. Go to Senate next semester and make your voice heard! To quote Vice Chair Ryan Daly, “The purpose of Student Senate is to help connect students with the resources they need to have the best college experience possible.” So let’s start using it for that. Otherwise, why have a Student Senate that has the power to have a direct impact with everything that happens at Pitzer College? 


Correction: A previous version of this article said that meetings will now be held at 7pm on Sundays in the Gold Student Center Multipurpose Room. This is incorrect. The change of time and location of meetings was only a proposal. The meetings are still held at 6:30pm in the Founders Room above the dining hall. 


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