Apathy at Pitzer

by Mariah Stovall

Staff Reporter

Courtesy of Delphine Burns
Courtesy of Delphine Burns

It’s really easy to start a club at Pitzer, and then have that club be under attended so that individual students have to take on multiple positions, or have that club be so poorly run that people become frustrated and stop showing up, or have the club disappear altogether because everyone has commitment issues. Many students have positions in Senate, but a number of them ran unopposed or with little competition. Students are great at complaining about what we don’t like, good at coming up with ideas for affecting change, but horrible at following through. There aren’t even any good student-talk debates or controversies anymore. At a school where everyone always has something to say, students rarely seem to do anything.

I didn’t do shit my first year here, and I wasn’t very involved at my high school either. However, since I’d chosen to come here, I thought I should at least try to do something about the fact that I wasn’t totally happy here. I thought critically about what I wasn’t getting out of my college experience and I started learning how the school functions, so that I could take advantage of the resources available to me and do something about it. I still have a multitude of problems with various aspects of the school but I also value my college experience more now that I’m actively contributing to it. Still, once I made the change, I started having a different problem with Pitzer. Why doesn’t anyone here actually care about anything?

The reason this chronic apathy sucks so much is because it’s contagious and it’s spreading. Why don’t Mead residents register parties in their suites anymore? Why don’t more people work with SAC to throw their own parties? Why does everyone wait until the Kohoutek lineup is announced to complain about it? Why don’t more people go to Senate meetings? Why is it so hard to get students to go to and stay at events that don’t have free food, alcohol or a DJ? Why did we have to have an involvement fair in the spring in addition to the club fair in the fall? What inspired Student Voice Week? Why does everyone think it’s okay to be late to everything?

I respect the fact that people have academic and social commitments or live off campus, but I’m still frustrated with the people who consistently ask and talk about how to get involved without ever doing it. It’s not that hard, I swear. I frequently dread having to leave my bed or the dining hall to do something I said I would or know that I should. Sometimes I don’t get up and follow through, but I try to make those times the exception. Why else am I spending all of my time and money here?


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