Dress responsibly, please

By Marcela Jones

As we head into October, many things can start weighing in on a Pitzer student’s mind. Have I turned in my major declaration? How will I prepare for midterms? And of course, what will I dress up as for Halloween? This year though, there seems to be another element puzzling minds around campus: What’s up with this heat?!

Everybody can agree that this summer was a scorcher (thank you global warming). With warmer weather the general consensus is to wear less clothing. But are short shorts and tank tops appropriate for the learning environment? What about see through clothing? Plunging necklines, exposed under garments, or lack of shoes? Sure, the summer (or in our case, autumn) can be brutal, but we have to keep in mind that we are attending and thus representing one of the nation’s highly respected and well-regarded learning institutions. Embarking on a two-week journey, I set out to investigate if Pitzer students are taking “casual Friday” too far?

During times of intense heat it is not uncommon to enter a classroom and see midriffs and backs exposed particularly (but not limited to) female students. At times as a female student, have felt distracted from the curriculum, thinking (and hoping not) that certain body parts might slip out.

I am not one to start a petition for a dress code, but I’m curious to wonder what must be going through male student’s minds? When mentioning these issues to male students there seemed to be mixed reviews.

Eddie ’14 says, “It doesn’t matter what any of the students wear. I am here to learn. I have noticed that many of the people don’t wear shoes here, but it doesn’t bother me.” A definite good point but what about if certain wardrobe choices do bother fellow students? Scott ’13 says, “Yeah, sometimes some of the clothes girls wear are distracting. But only for a little while, like if I see something when I enter the class. But I don’t keep staring through the whole class. I think everybody should be allowed to wear whatever he or she wants. It’s part of what Pitzer stands for.”

It absolutely is! And it seems that female students feel the same way, at least according to Shiva Pattel ’16 who says, “Being able to express yourself is what Pitzer is all about. We are fortunate to not have a dress code. Students should embrace that but also not take advantage.”
In fact, we are fortunate. But how do administrators and faculty feel about the matter?

Natasha Cheng ‘16 a student worker and representative from the administration office informed us that “Although the college does not currently have a dress code, administrators do feel that students are representing the college and would like them to dress presentably and appropriately.” Here, here!

It appears that the majority of students don’t have a problem with fellow student’s wardrobe choices so I guess let’s live and dress free. However, the moral of the story… please dress responsibly.

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