All-Nighters for Life Experience

Courtesy of Delphine Burns
Courtesy of Delphine Burns

by Jonah Hamilton

Staff Reporter

     I vocalize my complaint to no one in particular, namely because, fortunately for them, there is no one sharing my company in the Atherton third-floor study room at 3:30 in the morning. The half-baked essay sitting on my too-bright computer screen is my only companion, and a lousy one at that. I take a deep breath, hunch over, and launch back into my essay on the Bethel School District v Fraser Supreme Court case.

    My limited attention span (withering even faster, as a result of the ungodly hour) is quickly lost when my phone wakes from its stasis to buzz violently, indicating that, for some unknown reason, someone is attempting to contact me. I grab my phone, and rip through my lock screen combination to discover that my East Coast co-worker is texting me, asking me what history class I took in high school. It could be the overwhelming strangeness of the fact that the East Coast is waking up, or the dim realization that the paper in front of me isn’t going to write itself, but either way, I decide that the message on my phone doesn’t deserve a response.

It receives one anyway. Great, now I’m just knowingly wasting my own time.

It’s certainly not the first time I’ve had this affliction. In fact, poor time management is precisely why I’m in this situation in the first place. An all-nighter is never anyone’s first choice of how to get an assignment (or two, or three) done. It’s sort of a miserable occasion, but in a way, it’s a nice reminder of why college is so enjoyable. I didn’t leave this paper for the last minute for nothing. I left it for the last minute because I’m experiencing life in the now. I was meeting new people, enjoying the best food I’ve ever (consistently) had, and getting weird at Foam and other parties. Here in Claremont, everything can be an opportunity to experience something new, and I’m not looking to miss out. I’ll study late at night, here in this god-forsaken study room, so I can get the best of both worlds. I know that when I graduate, I won’t regret not having slept more.

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