A message from Shivani Kavuluru, candidate for Secretary

Hi Pitzer voter!

My name is Shivani Kavuluru and I’m running to be Secretary of the Pitzer College Student Senate because after a year of seeing how Senate has worked, I’ve learned just how to fix issues of communication, transparency and inclusivity. The main problems in the past are Student Organizations don’t want to even talk to senate because they feel like their voice has been cut. Well, I’m here to fix that. Having served on the budgetary committee this year, I have made it a point to give Student Organizations the voice they deserve. I’ve not only gotten to know and meet many club leaders every week, but I’ve also sat in on their meetings whenever I could, to truly understand how Student Organizations here work.

This year, I had the privilege of directly working with three incredible Student Organizations (BSU, LSU,APAC)  to discuss issues of Intersectionality. I fought for more transparency with Senate and the Student body by involving all involved parties in amending the constitution and standing up for voices that were unheard in the process. As President of the class of 2019, I constantly kept my class in the loop about issues in senate or at Pitzer. My online polls and discussion threads prove that I value every voice, not just senators on issues that affect the student body. I went door to door with the Pas Hall council and had the immense honor of improving voter turnout in PAS by 200%. By attending Advocates meetings, POC talks, and being on the sexual assault task force I will continue to make it my priority to make sure the proper actions are being taken for voices that are not heard on campus.

I’m the only candidate who has written legislation to improve climate of POC, senate relations, and have attended most student organization events so that I can say I actually live up to the words I’m telling you I believe in. With the 2015-2016 year coming to a close, I can tell you I’ve got the experience, dedication, and passion to serve you, all I need is your vote.

Vote for Shivani K to see some positive changes today.


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