A message from Josue Pasillas, candidate for President

I am Josué Pasillas, a first-generation, Latino student and a candidate for President of the Pitzer College Student Senate. I am running for President, because the position needs someone who will stand up for students, not make our student government more exclusive by eliminating representative positions. The student voice is an important part of Pitzer College and it deserves someone who is committed to it and reliable to get things done for the student body. As a student leader, I have always used my positions to advocate for ALL students (not just during this campaign) and I will continue to do so.

We must make our Pitzer College Student Senate more INCLUSIVE, DIVERSE, and ACCESSIBLE. This means that all discussions about reforms must include everyone, not just the Executive Board. This means that students of color should comfortably serve on all committees, not just the Diversity Committee. This means that our student activities fund should be accessible to all students and student organizations, not just the insiders.


My plans will include everyone’s voice as I work to:

  • Collaborate with President-Designate Melvin Oliver to set new priorities for Pitzer College, focusing on increasing financial aid, maintaining existing academic spaces, creating more opportunities for undocumented, first-generation, and marginalized students (instead of expanding the college), improving the campus climate for students and staff
  • Provide sufficient funding (institutional and student activities funds) for all affinity groups and support groups
  • Increase the diversity on the Student Senate to better represent all students
  • Strengthen relations between the student body and the Student Senate
  • Improve residential life on campus to create community in our living spaces
  • Make our student activities funds more accessible to the entire student body (students shouldn’t have to front the money)
  • Reform the Constitution to make the Student Senate a more inclusive and efficient student government

If elected as the President, I will focus on these issues to bring real change to campus and will approach the position with a focus on inclusivity, transparency, and accessibility. I will not only do what is required of me as the President, but I will also go above and beyond to increase student engagement in the governance of this institution. The student voice is loud at Pitzer College and it needs to be heard.

Join me in standing up for ALL students, not just the insiders.

Provida futuri,

Josue Pasillas ’17

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