A message from Elijah Pantoja, candidate for president

As an author of the list of demands presented by the Latinx Student Union, and the list of demands developed by Pitzer’s affinity groups, I know the pain of our marginalized communities. My campaign is not about promises of the future, it’s a reflection of my past that predicts my future success. I have fought hard for all students, and I will continue to do so as President of Pitzer’s Student Senate.

Pantoja Platform 2016 5­-Point Plan

Social Responsibility: 

●  Fund affinity groups on the Pitzer campus through a new outlet that exempts them from applying via the Student Senate. A policy such as line items or per­member capitas would be optimal.

●  Diversify the institution via commitment to hiring of tenure­track faculty of marginalized backgrounds, and hiring of staff trained in social justice, and/or from a marginalized background.

●  Represent students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the hiring process of faculty and staff.

●  Development of a program that would allow disadvantaged students of the incoming class to arrive on campus early in order to assist their transition and expose them to resources on campus.

●  Outreach towards first­generation students, Jamieson Scholars, and working­class students.

●  Investigate the Campus Safety response policy and history in order to expose and eradicate racial profiling and bias among the Claremont College’s law enforcement.

Intercultural Understanding:

●  Ensure a Diversity Officer is hired, and that the individual is able to understand intersectional identities. The Diversity Officer should be a support system for leaders of affinity groups, and help advocate for these organizations in the administrative sector of Pitzer College.

●  Create a training for student leaders that revolves around social justice, specifically addressing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and white supremacy.

●  Require a mandatory program similar to AlcoholEDU and Safe Haven based on privilege that addresses explicit and implicit racism/sexism/etc, and microaggressions for the incoming class every year.

Interdisciplinary Learning:

● Support the implementation of Ethnic Studies as a general requirement for graduation from Pitzer College.

Student Engagement:


●  Construction of a Cross­Cultural Center in Phase III. Within this center, affinity groups will have individual spaces where they can host meetings, plan programs, and offer disadvantaged students a safe space.


●  Provide financial aid workshops for low­income and other disadvantaged students regarding, but not limited to, FAFSA/CSS Profile, and documents required by the institution.


●  Provide financial aid documents in native languages by request of students who come from non­English speaking or bilingual homes.


●  Prevent the decrease of financial aid for working­class students based on outside scholarships.


●  Think of ways in which to either revise or eradicate the Judiciary Committee in favor of an outside unbiased professional to address issues the committee would normally address.

Environmental Sustainability:


●  Work with students passionate about environmental issues to ensure the college becomes more eco­friendly.


●  Follow up with the administration on the water bottle ban to ensure this it becomes a Pitzer Policy.


●  Ensure that the Robert Redford Conservancy is issued financial support from the institution.


●  Increase Pitzer’s environmental outreach among the greater community in Claremont, Montclair, Upland, and Pomona to help municipalities become more environmentally friendly.

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