6 Places that take Claremont Cash Off-Campus

1. Some Crust, for when you have some Claremont Cash.


2. Hendrick’s Drug Store. Yes, now you can buy drugs with your Claremont Cash.


3. 42nd Street Bagel. Get the Bagels & Lox. Hole in one.


4. Domino’s Pitza. Take out or delivery, use your 5C Student ID as dough.

The Peel Staff does not guarantee the immaculate appearance of your pizza.


5. Wolfe’s Market. McConnell is amazing, but if you have a little time on your hands and you’re wandering down Foothill, stop by Wolfe’s for gourmet ingredients.

6. Podge’s  Claremont Juice Co. Grab some fresh-squeezed Podge’s without depleting your bank account. At least not directly…


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